The SHAPE, CODE, SYNTAX & PROCEDURE of GODThere are carefully and consciously laid out procedures for us to relate with, worship and work
with God. Moses was repeatedly warned to ensure that the Temple he built conformed with the
revealed pattern. God is a code; He is a syntax that must be appositely and appropriately
combined, not just to get result, but to please Him which is the ultimate to Him. These
procedures, syntax, codes, etc. have all been given in the gospel; but we need the Spirit of
Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of Christ to find them out otherwise, we would have run
in vain. Else, we would have done the work of God without the God of the work; we would have
gained speed in the wrong direction; we would have beaten the air; we would have sought what is
to be added and added what is to be sought; we would have become miserable having pitched our
tent only in this fleeting world; we would have sweated for the bread of vanity!Making Security Real

Stay tuned to the upcoming meeting titled THE SAHPE OF THINGS TO COME, 5-7 Nov. 2015 @ 175, Adeyemi College Rd. Ondo. Ondo State. Nigeria

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